My Girlfriend Is Not Like Other Girls

When I met my girlfriend, I could not believe my luck. Normally I don’t get the chance to chat up really hot and sexy girls, but all of that changed when I met Maya. She is the most incredible looking girl. I have always dreamed of having an exotic girlfriend so when Maya started to chat to me, I almost fell off my barstool. Her long dark hair coupled with a generous bosom turned me on massively. Little did I know that she worked for a East Ham escorts agency of


During our first couple of weeks together, I simply could not take my eyes of Maya. I did not even think about asking her what she did for a living/. Sure, she worked very strange hours but it did not bother me. All I wanted to do was to spend time looking at her. After we had been dating for about three weeks, I had to ask her why she worked such long hours in the cocktail bar that she said that she worked  in central East Ham. She gave me a little shy smile and told me she worked for a East Ham escorts agency. That was the first time Maya had mentioned East Ham escorts to me, and she just happen to mention that she was bisexual.


Did it worry me? Just like many other men I had wild stories about East Ham escorts. They were supposely the ultimate dating experience and amazing when it came to fun behind closed doors late at night. In short, I could not believe my luck. The only thing that worried me was if I could handle Maya. Not only that, but she seemed to have pretty expensive taste as well. I soon got the feeling that Maya was used to getting the best out of the best at East Ham escorts. It was clearly a lifestyle that suited her.

Going out with Maya is a pretty special experience. Thanks to East Ham escorts, she can afford to look like a million dollars. She has told me that all of the gents that she dates on behalf of East Ham escorts love to spoil her. For the last couple of years, she has bought very few things herself. Her regular gentlemen callers love to take her shopping and she also gets lots of gifts. She is a lucky girl and looks like she is a little princess. I have to admit that I feel a bit of a scruff next to her.


Maya does not seem to mind that I don’t turn up for dates wearing designer suits. She says that she loves to go out with me because I am so different from her East Ham escorts dates. I simply could not afford to go to the restaurants Maya normally goes to. Instead I take her out to the zoo and meals in China Town. She loves it and we have a great time together.¬† She has told me that she loves the fact that I buy her balloons instead of red roses. Do you know what? I believe her. She always seems to have a smile on her face when we are out together.

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