Loving keepsakes

I am not sure what drives us to collect stuff, but I have this thing about keep sakes. My flat is full of different keep sakes, and I can tell you where every single one has come from. I often tell my gents about my keep sake collection. Not that I really want to add to it, but at the same time, I want them to know that my life is about so much more than Archway escorts like https://charlotteaction.org/archway-escorts.


Where have I picked up my keepsakes from? I have got my keepsakes from lots of different places. It can be something simple as having been out for a meal with one of my gents, and the restaurant has given me a little present. I do make a note and put somewhere on the item if I can. A couple of the gentlemen I date at Archway escorts think that I am a little bit crazy keeping all of this stuff but I like it.



Some of the gentlemen us girls at Archway escorts meet, are very special and like to spoil us. I did not realise but many of the girls don’t keep the things that they are given. One of the most popular things that gentlemen give me is perfume. Of course they all come in fancy bottles and I keep the bottles. To my surprise, once the girls have used up their perfume, they throw the bottles away. I would never dream of doing that, and I keep many of the bottles. They may not have perfumes in them anymore, but many of them make cute things like bud vases.


Jewelery is a popular gift at Archway escorts as well. I do get given a fair amount of jewelery. Most of the other girls at Archway escorts, flip or sell their jewelery when they are not dating a particular gent any more. I know that many of them are desperate for cash, but I could not imagine myself doing that at all. I prefer to keep my jewelery, and I may sell it at a later date, but I would not dream of just getting rid of it to make a few buck on the side of the escort agency.


To be honest, I think I am going a little bit over the top with my keep sake collection at times, but I cannot help it. It all started when I was younger and I collected Lady Birds. It was great fun, and I ended up collecting a lot of lady birds. Now all of my lady birds live in a particular box in my cupboard. They are all lovingly wrapped up and I know that most of them will always mean something special to me. A bit like the gentlemen I meet when I work for Archway escorts, they are certainly special to me, and if I could, I would collect all of them as well, but I am afraid I don’t have enough room in my little flat.

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