Victorian Fashion for Women

Fashion is one thing that keeps on changing constantly. Trends observed on the cover of every fashion magazine today, are replaced by something else tomorrow! It is actually a cycle, a fashion that is dubbed as ‘old’ today, doesn’t completely fade away, it returns again after some years. Fashion designers, fashion police, and fashion conscious people give a modern look to that ‘old’ fashion, and then that fashion again becomes a hit! Victorian fashion is one such style. This style was obviously first observed during the Victorian period, during the 19th century.

It refers to the trends of the British culture that existed during the reign of queen Victoria, commonly known as the Victorian era. This era lasted for almost two-thirds of the 19th century, which is why we see many different Victorian styles. Clothes were made by hand at the start of the era, however by the end of this age, they were made only by machines. This change is also seen in the fashion clothing of that time. Though the method of sewing the clothes changed, a few styles remained the same. Men of the Victorian age wore stiff ankle length or full length clothing whereas the women wore flowery, flowing gowns or dresses. The outfits changed according to the occasion, however the length remained the same. Women had to wear full length dresses, they were not even allowed to expose their ankles, it was regarded almost a crime. Ironically, bare shoulders or cleavage showing gowns were allowed.

When it came to fashion jewelry, like women of any era or age, Victorian women also loved jewelry! Art Nouveau and pearls were commonly used. One interesting fact is that mourning jewelry was the most popular kind of jewelry! It started with Queen Victoria itself, she wore jet jewelry after Prince Albert’s death. Almost everything that was black in color would be used to make mourning jewelry, sometimes it also included the deceased person’s hair!

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Modern Victorian Fashion for Women

Shirts/Blouses: Free-flowing skirts can obviously not be worn on an everyday basis now. So instead opt for Victorian style shirts. Choose blouses made of lace, velvet, or silk and remember, the more feminine the dress is, the more Victorian it is. Go for colors like pale yellow, light blue, black, royal blue, rose pink, ivory etc. You could get pearl-style buttons stitched to complete the look.
Jackets: Jackets were very popular during the start of the era. To give a modern look to these old-fashioned jackets, choose wool or velvet. Blazers with a feminine cut will also do. In winter, you can opt for cashmere sweaters which have elegant buttons and delicate embroidery. Choose colors like green, deep purple, brown, etc.
Jeans: You do not need to wear long gowns to be Victorian. You can even wear jeans to dress like one. For that, buy jeans that have delicate designs, pearls, lace, velvet trim, etc.
Skirts: Skirts with hoops and laces should be worn. Velvet tier skirts also have a Victorian touch to them. Wear woolen stockings and black fishnets with your grand skirts.
Now that you know what kind of dress you should wear, let’s see how to complete the look with the right accessories.
Necklaces: Chokers are the first choice when it comes to Victorian style jewelry, you can opt for lace or velvet chokers. A single diamond pendant necklace or a locket can also be worn. To a party, wear only pearls!
Earrings: Studs were more popular than earrings during this era. So buy rhinestone studs. However, if studs do not go well with your dress, go for chandelier earrings of the same color as that of the blouse.
Bracelets and Rings: Silver or gold plated bracelets with rhinestone elegant pearls look great on a Victorian dress. Choose rings with big stones and a good shine to complete the look.
Try thigh-high boots or lace-up shoes in colors like brown or black. High heels also look good on any Victorian outfit.

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Fashion Photographer Salary

Fashion photography is one of the oldest genre of photography. It is said that fashion photography began way back in 1936 when Martin Munkacsi a photographer; who made photographs of models in sporty poses at the beach. Fashion photography concentrates on taking pictures of fashion clothing and accessories which are worn by models or showcased in fashion shows. When you think of a fashion photographer, the first thing that comes to mind are the various fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper’s Bazaar which are considered as bibles for fashion enthusiasts.

Salary Range

Fashion photography is a job which demands constant creative and technical skills. Due to this high requirement fashion photographers get paid extremely well. Usually they are employed by fashion designers, magazines and catalogs. According to reports an employed fashion photographer’s salary range starts from $10,000. The pay package also depends upon the number of years he/she has given to this demanding job. Experienced and top level photographers who have made their mark in the world of fashion earn a handsome package of $80,000 and above annually. Freelancers earn up to $800 a day depending upon the number of assignments they get. Their salary package also depends on various factors such as; location, experience and expertise in the field. Fashion photographers not only work with glamorous fashion models and accomplished fashion designers, they even get offers for independent assignments which fetches them good money. However, this money-making profession has its own challenges. Most photographers work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends. To be a successful fashion photographer, my advice is to build up a strong work portfolio so that you land up in a good job and also have better growth prospects.

Education and Training

A career in fashion photography does not require a degree and skills required for fashion photography can easily be acquired by attending workshops. An educational degree is not essential but can serve as a feather in the cap for budding fashion photographers. These photographers are not only paid to take pretty pictures of models and clothing, they are expected to plan the entire shoot, keeping the taste of the fashion designer or label in mind. The trick is to highlight the clothing in the photos, so that it attracts the consumer’s attention. Interested aspirants can develop their talent and enhance their creative skills by taking up an internship program or by assisting an accomplished professional. The world of fashion photography comes with a lot of glamor and competition hence, it is necessary to have a strong base in order to make a mark in the world of fashion.

Job Description

As a professional photographer you are obliged to perform the following tasks:
Take good photos of models, keeping in mind the client’s taste.
Maintain a good working relationship with the models so that they can give their best poses and also be comfortable in front of the camera.
Have a proper studio lighting equipment so that the best shots can be clicked.
Come up with some unique and creative fashion photo concept that will tempt the clients.
Have a good coordination with the fashion stylist, agents and set directors.
Fashion photographers should do photo shoots in new locations, so that they are comfortable to work in different light conditions.
Maintain a hassle free and a professional working atmosphere to allow models to be at ease.
Bring out the best poses in models during the shoot.
Create a good personal and professional rapport with models to have a successful photo shoot.
In the start, there is a high chance that budding fashion photographers would face difficulty in getting a job but would find a lot of freelance assignments. It is advised to start with freelance work, as many companies prefer working with freelance photographers, than with salaried employees. Having an impressive amount of body work ensures a better future in this field. Best of Luck!

What Does a Fashion Photographer Do

The first images that come to our mind when someone mentions fashion photography are sensuous models and a lot of glitz and glamor. Well, these definitely are some aspects of this profession, but if we dig a bit more to know about what fashion photographers do for a living, you will realize that in spite of all the hype, it still is like any other job – lot of hard work and responsibility. From directing the models to getting their equipment right for the shoot, a fashion photographer is involved in almost every aspect of the shoot.

Fashion photography is mainly concerned with the clothing and accessories. It is the responsibility of a fashion photographer to highlight these in a photo and make it visually appealing. Once they take up an assignment, it is their responsibility to deliver on the requirements of the client. The points mentioned below will summarize the job of a fashion photographer.
Before taking an assignment, a fashion photographer meets with the client to understand their requirements. It is important to have a clarity on how the client wants to project his brand.
The fashion photographer holds consultations with the designers so that a working concept of the photo shoot is created.
A fashion photographer understands the intricacies of various designs and fabrics, so that he can plan the shoot accordingly.
Fashion photographers shortlist a few models and then select the ones they think are perfect for the shoot.
They work in cooperation with hairstylists, makeup artists to ensure that everything is in order and as per the plan.
The fashion photographers provide valuable inputs to the art director and the client on deciding the appropriate location for the shoot. However, it is important to remember that a fashion photographer may not always get the desired location as there can be budgetary constraints on the part of the client.
During the shoot, the fashion photographer has to shoot the model in different poses. It is the responsibility of the fashion photographer to extract the best from the model and this requires him to work on the model’s posture, look, ability to emote etc.
After the shoot, the fashion photographer selects a photo/photos and starts working on it with the help of available software. The aim is to hide the flaws if any, and highlight the features of the model.
After a satisfactory image is created, the fashion photographer gets in touch with the client or his representative to show the final product. If need arises, the fashion photographer needs to rework on the image as per the client’s requirements.
Requirements to Become a Fashion Photographer

Educational qualifications do not matter as much as the artistic skills in this career. You don’t need any specific undergraduate degree to start working as a fashion photographer. If you have the eye for detail and can evoke emotions through your pictures, you are more likely to succeed in this field. There are a lot of colleges which train aspiring fashion photographers, however assisting someone who has established himself in this field is more advantageous. It will give you the much needed exposure and the know-how of operating with the latest equipment. You will also get a hands-on experience of working with models, hairstylists, make up artists and other professionals who are needed during a photo shoot.

Job Outlook and Median Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate for photographers will see a growth of 13% in the period from 2010 – 2020. The median salary according to the 2010 average was $29,120 per year and the hourly wage stood at $14.00. This data is for the photography occupation as a whole. According to independent sources, the average salary of fashion photographers is around $31,000. Aspiring fashion photographers should keep in mind that the lucrative opportunities of traveling abroad and shooting at exotic locations are offered only to the experienced and famous fashion photographers. When you are starting out, you may need to be content with shooting at the studio or as per the instructions of the client and the art director.

There is fierce competition in this field as a lot of people are aspiring to become successful fashion photographers. The best way to carve a niche is to gain experience by working for reputed clients so that you have a lot to show on your portfolio. There is a great scope for career advancement in this field and once you have proved yourself, you can literally go places!